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Linda’s Food Pyramid

I’d been asked many questions about the food pyramid throughout all these years, the good news is that it is getting dramatically less frequent recently! People all around are waking up to the fact that what we see out there, may be pretty far away from what really works for us.

And of course, most of the readers or students who come to me are already quite savvy on their own course of pursuing healthy eating.

In fact, I dismissed the standard food pyramid way before I even discovered about raw foods. Back in 2005 when I was training madly for the Standard Chartered Marathon, I already learnt that the standard food pyramid cannot serve me in helping me achieve stellar fitness stamina.

That was also the time I started my interest into health diets, lifestyle practices as well as anti-ageing methods, which till today I am still crazy about!

This figure currently best summarizes what I eat:

You can see that the base of my diet is formed mainly of living greens, fruits and sprouts. This also includes fatty fruits like Avocados, Durian and Coconut which are very abundant in Singapore.

In fact, I consume most of my calories in the form of blended Green Smoothies, Green Smoothie Superfood Ice-Creams and Blended Soups. These 2 categories of foods are the most efficient and fastest ways of packing the most amount of nutrition into my body for best digestion. And of course, they taste awesome too!

Next on the ladder comes my complementary foods like ginger, carrots and cucumbers. They add flavor, variety as well as serve as delicious salad vegetables when I feel like chewing something. Ground flax seeds are my main source of omegas; I always tell my readers and friends that if they want their omegas covered, just turn to ground flax seeds and save all the trouble!

Flax seeds contain the perfect Omega 3 to 6 ratio, which is optimal for human body assimilation. All those hype about fish, meat, supplements and so on? I choose to disregard them because I’ve found that I’ve gained more benefits just by adding in ground flax to my diet.

And so have many other healthy alive people I’ve known all over the world from all cultures. Many of them happen to be active people who loves to exercise too.

If I am able to get organic raw oats, I’ll sprout them (by soaking overnight) and make them into cookies, breads and pies. These make awesome healthy nibbles and treats for guests. There was a point in time in my transition when I needed to eat a large amount of sprouted nuts and fats; that was temporary though. Now I’m very easily satisfied with fresh fruit fats, and small amounts of sprouted seeds & nuts.

Raw Organic Cacao is something which have done wonders for my health and beauty breakthroughs in the past 1 year. Some of you whom have been to our sessions may know that one of the factors that pushed me onto natural health, is my vanity!

Being a super food in itself, Cacao is concentrated in magnesium and contains unique heart boosting qualities. My exercise stamina can improve greatly just by having a small serving of Raw Organic Cacao Brownie in the mornings!

And of course, right at the very top, those which I eats the least quantities of, are the pure refined fats. Although cold pressed, raw and organic, they are still refined fats, and best taken in small quantities. Virgin Coconut and Virgin Olive are the only 2 oils I use currently, because they both serve important functions to regulate liver regeneration, and of course, beauty! Cacao Butter is also something I’ll work into my recipes because this is one of the best fats to give maximum skin nourishment while making the raw cookies delicious!

I hope this pyramid can give you a better idea of what I have been doing, to be where I am today. Like what I encourage the readers, look at what you are today compared to yesterday, last week, last year, 2 years ago etc. Are you progressing towards where you want to go? If you are nearer, then yes you are on the right track.

As for me, I’ve never looked better before, more radiant before, have more energy before, while spending next to zero on cosmetics, supplements or counter drugs. If I’m having darker hair than before, brighter skin, clearer eyes and stronger mind than before, I must have done some right things

Cheers to Clarity!

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