Samakara is not an easy Sanskirt word to translate accurately in English, thorough it is loosely described as your rite of passage through life.


If you wish to, you can change your samakaras. Here’s how:

  1. That which you repeat gets reinforced. When propelled by the guna – qualities of sattca, rajas and tamas – of prakriti, often the individual, against his better sense, behaves in a particular mode and further feeds his vikaras of greed, lust, anger, attachment, pride, ego and jealousy.
  2. Have you ever been emotionally disturbed and done or said something which, on retrospect, you feel could have been handled with more dignity? The most intelligent and spiritual of us are also not immune to these often repeated actions which decide our fate.
  3. Each time you repeat an emotion, you are deepening the groove of your personality, your tendency or samskara.
  4. It is the energies accrued by our samskaras, which draw some people and circumstances into our life – for an energy exchange and levelling of debit and credit.
  5. On the spiritual path, recognising nuances of the mind by a steadily growing awareness, we become aware of our emotional reactions and the fact that we are being swept away by them into some pit or the other.
  6. For instance, there may be someone who constantly feels insulted and rejected by others. As he realises that most of the time his misery is not due to external circumstances, but due to his own distorted cognition based on some previous experiences.
  7. Now comes the struggle to overcome emotional reaction by awareness, introspection, understanding and restraint.
  8. Suppression makes an emotion grow to monstrous proportions. The fate of whatever emotion is repressed could be one or more of the following:
    • Becomes stronger
    • Emerges later like a volcano emitting lava
    • Produces psychological problems or ailments
    • Remains as a strong urge
    • Makes you lacking in awareness of all parts of your being. Thus, you cannot be an integral whole.
    • Makes you behave as a hypocrite
    • Makes you judgemental towards others. Often psychologists have recognised that what we judge in the outside world is what we suppress.
    • Revealed in dreams
    • Attract people – with the traits that you are suppressing – as enemies or friends. This explains fatal attraction and antipathy
  9. To use your spiritual wisdom to create a “new you” , this is what you have to do:
    • Remember, this road is for those who are brave at heart
    • Recognise your predominant samskara with full awareness and humility
    • Each time you react the same way, reflect on how you could have viewed the triggering event with a different perspective and taken a more balanced action
    • Persevere till you can abide in your awareness during the event and can respond rather than react. Besides the predominant samskara, thus, getting fainter and weaker and losing its power to drive you, one also needs to create a fresh, new, strong, positive groove to allow mind energy to flow as alternative to the old emotion.
    • Replace anger with patience, lust with charity, a low self-esteem with empathy. To sum up, change, transformation and transcendence are three ways by which you can help yourself progress on the path

Credited to : Dr Sharda Batra

Photo credited by: Linda Loo

Join us for authentic Yoga, practiced the traditional way as handed down by Himalayan sages and rishis, and begin lightening the colors of your samskaras today. More information here: link to yoga testimonials. Email: to register for the next available mat.

Love & Involution











Love, a word that reveals no less than 3 billion results on google, and a topic that every famous poet, philosopher and spiritual teacher speaks often about, a word that causes people to undertake tasks of great creation or destruction; how much of this concept do we really understand as a humanity?

The dictionary and thesaurus says that “love” is associated with feelings of pleasure, attraction, personal attachment, affection; many definitions go a step deeper to include kindness and compassion.

Did you observe that all these definitions are external based; very little, in fact nothing is said about how to conduct our relationship with ourself. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, which existed more than 5,000 years ago, outlines the first principe of Yama as Ahymsa – Non Violence. The scriptures had already taught us that the first step to ‘Love’ is ‘Non harming’.

He did not define what is Love, but he told us clearly that NON harming, NON hurting, NON injuring, is Love. How clever; the famous sage already understood that as long as love is based on humanistic terms, on external senses, it leads always to injury and harm.

Some common forms of Love based on humanistic terms includes (not limited to):

1.    Loving a person based on our creation of certain needs we want fulfilled (eg lack of paternal/ maternal love)!
2.    Loving a person based on what the person means for us (eg our need to feel important and needed; the need to be provided for financially, or having a good looking spouse to show off)!
3.    Loving a person based on sexual attraction!

This list is not exhaustive. The above are definitely not wrong; in fact, we all have these at some point of our lives. These are our inevitable characteristics as long as we have a physical body. However, the point is – if we do not grow conscious, and grow out of these characteristics, the love relationship will pass through mutual injury at some point, some even go through prolonged periods of mutual injury – creating what are known as abusive relationships.

Whether the relationship survives through the stages of mutual attacking, harming/hurting, or ends leaving trails of pain and samskaras, depends on whether we are willing to begin a process of involution.

Involution, compared to evolution, is a process of inner progress. It takes effort, discipline and constantly watching our egos, to tread this path. We could briefly summarize 3 main areas of our involution process:

1)    Know Yourself
As long as you are stranger to yourself, you have no real love to offer. Every act of love, or so- called act of love, results in injury to the other person, and eventually to yourself. ! ! By knowing yourself I mean really take time to study your life, how you conduct your life, observe like a scientist (observe without conclusion nor judgement), what motivates you, what makes you happy, what fears you have and why. Again, remember to notice and not pass judgement.

In the initial stages, this process of contemplation, will neutralize the reactivity you have towards your loved ones. If you persist on this self introspection, it brings much joy to your life, be it alone or with any partner.

2) Know the people you love
So, you claim you love your husband, wife, sister, lover, children, parent, best friend etc. Do you know what makes them happy? Do you know how they would like to be loved by you?! ! How to get the answer? Just ask.

Loving a person correctly includes doing things that concern the welfare of the person, not for your own welfare. Like how a mother nurtures her baby in the first few years, purely for the joy of seeing the baby well. Seek to understand them.

The best thing you could do to solicit forthcomingness, is to invite your partner to also embark on the process of involution. When you are able to live and breathe this process of self observation, your attractiveness grows and your loved ones will be inclined to hear what you have to share.

This is also the primary reason why couples and families who practice Yoga & Meditation together often grow closer and more loving. When husband and wife are committed to knowing themselves and each other, their love becomes invincible.

3) Know the nature of this Universe
There are many laws of the Universe. The sun rises to give us day, an apple seed you sow today reaps you an apple harvest later on, water flows from high to low gradients, fire transforms matter, etc. You can observe these from observing how Nature functions. The process of involution gets deeper and more interesting here. When you contemplate on Mother Nature and her works, you begin to realize that it is not Earth that belongs to you, but its you who belong to Earth.  This realization allows us a glimpse into the macro-microsm mechanics of matter. We humans inhabiting Mother Earth is as per how our trillions of cells, micro flora and bacteria are inhabitants of our body. Our entire Universe, is a macrosm of our body. And our relationships, with every other human being, is a reflection of the relationships we have with the various personalities of our minds.

Begin the inward journey today, and you will be sure to see some shifts in your surroundings. Wishing you fulfilling, enlightening and joyful love journey with yourself and your loved ones.

(C) Linda Loo

“Who is Breathing”?

Who Is Breathing






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Take a deep breath in, now. Take another deep breath in, and exhale. Watch your breath. Then ask yourself – “Who is Breathing?”! ! What is this knowingness in you and me? What is this energy, or who is writing this, who is it in you whom is reading this? Why am I me, and not you?

Who made your bones, and gave you blood; the arteries, veins, muscles and organs that coordinate like a fine orchestra?! 
 There are probably no answers to the questions above. They are not meant to have answers. Even if they did, by the time they become words, the meaning is lost. They are meant for you to enquire deeper into yourself, beyond this body.

As I look back with amusement at my earlier years. Before I turned 20 years old, I was already practicing Nadi Shodana (Alternate nostril breathing method used in Yoga as a technique to relax the body) with Marijuana. And Kapalabti with cocaine. When I told this to my teachers in the ashram, they were tickled helpless. Who would have guessed that somebody with a fierce death wish, addicted to unorthodox ways to numb childhood trauma, now turns the same passion towards knowing myself.

I consider myself a late learner. Only at the age of 28, when most of my peers have gotten married and had kids, that I discovered I could not fall in love. It took an auto immune disorder, Eczema and a string of heart breaking relationships, to make me finally admit – I have a problem and I don’t know what it is. For the first time in my life I realized I have a soul; and I am not my body.

We carry our body wherever we go, and its difficult to remember that it will go one day. We identify so much with what we see and touch, our accomplishments, bank accounts, our children, our bodies and faces and even how many lovers we have had. But all tangible things are subject to change. They are not truths.

Our bodies, no matter now well we take care of it, will cease to serve us at some time. That is for sure. And then, we will have to change to a new piece of garment; just as we would change into new clothing after a shower.

This body is not our truth. Only that which does not change nor decay over time, is the truth. How much love and joy you have brought to the world, the good and the growth you created for people, your legacy – these are more true than the body.

And perhaps most true of all – Your soul, do you know your soul, and upon releasing that last exhale, how quick you can return back to the source. This is more true than your net worth.

If I could encourage you to enquire just a wee bit deeper into your existence today, I am fulfilled. May we all die with as much light in our eyes as we were born with.

(C) Linda Loo

Healing Trauma on Yoga









More than a few Yogis and Yoginis have experienced the occasional emotional release during a Yoga class. Sometimes it comes with a warning – you know that an emotion is brewing as you assume a few specific Asana. Sometimes it just hits you – like a sudden downpour of rain in the middle of a sunny day.

When we were first born as a baby, we are mostly flexible. Toddlers are still pretty flexible; as they grow up gradually, the body begins to stiffen. Stuck emotional energy, repressed pain and unresolved trauma can get lodged into various body parts, joints and muscles. By the time we become adult, we are rigid as a stick.

The first 4 limbs of Yoga – Yama (Code of conduct to others), Niyama (Code of conduct to self), Asana (Physical Yoga Posture) and Pranayama (Breathing Control) are what we call external cultivation. This means that we practice them using an outer awareness.

When we assume an Asana, the bending and twisting action exposes some parts of our body that are otherwise inaccessible during the normal position of our body throughout a typical day of standing, sitting or walking. We then breathe into the body part that hurts most, and concentrate the mind onto the stretch or mild pain. In a way, we are bringing light into the dark parts of ourself that we never wanted to face. As the blocked energy begins to release, a variety of symptoms – ranging from intense deeper breathing, sighing, crying and even cartharsis could happen.

While it is not definite that crying or major cartharsis must happen in order for the practioner to achieve healing, such emotional outbursts are not bad things. It is better to be released in class, in a non harmful way, rather than to have it manifest through other imbalances in daily life. Emotional pain for example, if repressed for long, could result in formation of tumors, fibroids and other undesirable health conditions.

Science, no matter how advanced, cannot teach us what is the science of our soul, what is prayer what is god and what is compassion. Science does not answer our fundamental questions about who am I, what is the reason that I am born, and what is our relationship with god.

Yoga, on the other hand, teaches us that to get the answers to these questions, we have to study ourselves as a scientific experiment. We must be the scientist, the laboratory, and at the same time, the subject of our own enquiry.

Then when we get glimpses of these answers, which are absolute truths in their own natures, the process of Yoga releases great physical and emotional tensions. Some of which are accumulated throughout life, some through previous lives of incarnations.

The journey of discovering that these deep desires and tensions which reside in your much deeper personality, is Yoga as a scientific process.

What to do under extreme releases-

  1. If you know what is showing up, commit yourself to observing it without judgement. Do not resist, avoid, fight or be fearful of it. The key word is to observe with a neutral eye as much as possible.
  2. Keep breathing long deep continuous breaths. Don’t let there be any breaks or pauses in the breaths. Try to smooth out the jerks.
  3. Keep the mind focussed as much as you can on the pain – both body and emotional. The mind may temporarily go into comatose to avoid facing the trauma; try to gently bring the mind back to the moment.
  4. If you need to cry or make noises, scream etc, do it with love, compassion and kindness. Look at yourself with kindness; look at the situation, the memory or whatever it is, with as much softness as you can.
  5. Aim to practice consistently with the same teachers – besides leading you through a safe yoga healing process, your teacher is like a ‘space holder’. It makes a huge difference to practice with a teacher who knows you and whom you trust.

(C) Linda Loo

farmers market

Thriving on Raw on the Go! – Practical Raw Food Tips and Snacking Ideas

How to thrive on raw foods when attending business conferences or seminars that last the entire day!

Dear cherished readers, here are some practical raw food tips and snacking ideas that will help you make it through your next seminar with energy:

1. If you have no time to make a juice on the morning of the seminar, bring a pack of super green powders with you, or a bottle of marine phytoplankton, anything with a high concentration of good quality chlorophyll should work fine. We especially trust the Vitamineral Green and Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton. They are easy to transport around, easy to consume, and does the job of alkalising you immediately.

2. Bring at least 2 pieces of each – organic Apples, Kiwis, ripened Avocados, Bananas. Apples are easy to eat, kiwis can be eaten with their skin on – even if you wish to, you could peel off the skin without much effort or mess. Bananas are a gift from heaven to raw foodists. They are so easy to eat. And avocados are perfect to feed fats to the brains to keep them working!

3. Sprouted and dried Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds. Almonds are the most alkalising nuts of all, and easiest to digest too. We like to throw them into a bag with Cacao Nibs, Goji Berries and Organic Inca Berries.

4. A packet of Raw Cacao Powder for the tea break! While people make coffee, you can choose to make a heathy pick-me-up from raw cacao. It is good for the heart and saves you the crash afterwards! 

5. Bonus Tip - You can transport all your heavy stuff on day 1 of your seminar in a luggage trolley bag, and then ask for permission to deposit your foods with the premise fridge. In fact if it is air conditioned area, you could just store them at a cool corner table and label your name. That way you save some hassle for the next few days. 

Are these useful to you? Do write to us if you wish to have any raw food question answered and we can address that in our next newsletter. Big hugs!

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(C) Linda Loo

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Thriving on Raw!

Dear cherished reader, 

have you ever encountered strange stares and questioning moments when you opt for healthy options e.g. salads at a social setting?

I was at a business conference last week, and for meal breaks, they had “fine catering”.

There were trays of fried “gourmet” stuff kept warm by candle flames beneath the trays.

As I scanned all the dishes for some signs of nutrition, I observed with dismay there is very little, almost zero life energy in the catered food. Minerals and vitamins are sparse, and chlorophyll is zilch.

Everyday in the seminar room, at about 1pm onwards, people struggled to stay awake. Even for those who had their eyes plastered wide open, I know they have stopped following the training slides.

When the speaker asked questions, most of the time, there were only less than 5 people who raised their hands or answered. Most of the time the room was in deathly silence.

So how do I keep myself energetic at conferences like this? Did I eat lunch; if yes, what? Did I bring my own raw foods? How did I handle all the strange questions from other course mates?

We will share with you in the next newsletter.

Human nature by default is resistant to changes, but most great shifts in our human evolution are caused by people who dared to think out of convention. We had the courage to ask ourselves “What is Food?” 7 years ago, and untill today, we are still enquiring. It is this enquiry process that helps us progress beyond merely eating for the sake of survival, for the sake of social company or for the sake of convenience and media conditioning. We eat to THRIVE, so that we can become our greatest potential.

Every great theory is ridiculed before it is accepted as a norm. Imagine if Columbus gave up after people ridiculed his theory, we would still be ignorantly thinking the world is flat isn’t it?

We are not saying there is something wrong with eating nutrient void, zero energy foods; but we are saying you have a choice! You can choose not to; you have an option to say no to lousy foods and say yes to good-for-you foods. You can make and eat healthy delicious variations of junk foods and feel great, look great, suffer less illnesses and have your brains outperform themselves. Sounds like a pretty good deal isn’t it?

Don’t believe us yet, come join us in RFTTC to learn how to prepare delicious living foods, snacks that will wow your loved ones, your neighbors and of course yourself.

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I hope to see you on the other side of your screen, hugs! :)

(C) Linda Loo

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We are Born to Be Well!

Great healers like Hippocrates, Ann Wigmore, and Max Gerson advocate something in common – their theory is that true healing means bringing back the body to its natural condition.

At Light Love Laughter, our philosophy is that there is nothing to cure; there is simply Restoration.

When you practice Yoga combined with living foods, super foods, fresh unprocessed quality nutrients, your body shines for you. It becomes beautiful, strong and supple. Mind becomes clear and focused. Spirit sings with joy. The physical body brings the first forms of transformation – less white hair, glowing skin and shining eyes.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds, mineral-dense super foods, medicinal herbs, and shrubs. They are grown from Earth, wholesome, and by eating them natural as they are, we preserve the Earth element. This Earth element is important because your body is made from Earth too. In case you are wondering, yes we (or rather our bodies) are bio decomposable.

Any processing, treatments or over cooking destroys and takes away the Earth element.

Innately we all have healing capabilities; our bodies are created to be strong healthy machines. The moment you treat the body rightly, you restore it back to its natural state. The natural state is wellness.

You don’t have to believe us. But try it first!

Here’s a challenge for you: Go raw for a weekend. Go high raw, if not full. Notice the differences. Observe the changes in your skin, hair, and eyes. Notice your sense of taste, smell, and hearing. Notice your shift to greater emotional awareness and mental clarity.

Cheers to youth, vitality and radiant health!

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(C) Linda Loo

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Pranayama Power! – Applications in Daily Life

Dear cherished reader, have you experienced pranayama practices before?

Pranayama Yoga refers to the practice of applying various breathing techniques to expand the Prana / Breath body - or the Aura / Presence / Energy Field of a person.

There are several ways you can use Pranayama to up sports performance and enhance daily life.

(*Disclaimer – the suggestions below are applicable for those who are athletically very active and generally fit people. Do not attempt the strenuous sports unless you already are doing so, or as advised by your health guru.) 

1. Swimming
In between the laps while resting, instead of just breathing normally to catch our breath, the Nadi Shodan can slow down the heart rate much faster. As you progressively make the laps, you will feel a renewed energy for powerful strokes.

Just 10 Nadi Shodans in between say 3-4 laps, can accelerate exercise stamina incredibly.

Normally it takes a few minutes before heart rate normalize; with Nadi Shodan, it gets significantly faster.

2. Interval Training for Stamina
This can be applied to both running, or strength training. One of the most effective ways to increase stamina for distance running is to engage in interval training. This means that we work our heart rate up fast, and then take a break to allow heart rate to drop. Just before the heart rate reaches below a certain cardio zone, we make the next dash.

Now, if we apply Ujayi (deep throat breathing) during the breaks, we recover faster (meaning we can cover more circuits in the same time), and there is more energy when we make the next sprint or interval.

When performing the Ujayi in between workouts, there is a natural tendency to rush because the lungs is calling out for oxygen. Make an effort to slow down the breathing, employing Ujayi technique, deep into the diaphragm, and then out through the nose. This method strengthens respiratory and lungs capacity, giving an edge to your interval training.

If you don’t believe this, experiment! Perform conscious Ujayis in between your next workouts, and watch how your heart calms down faster than before. Don’t forget to measure your running speed so you know how much your stamina progresses. 

3. Insomnia No More
A rarely used, but powerful way of breathing – called the Bhramari Breath, or the Bumble Bee / Humming Bee breath, works wonders to relief insomnia.

Inhale through the nose, and then exhale in a humming sound with the mouth closed. If you are to place your finger right below your nostrils, you will feel a soft gradual gust of breath flow out gently. You are using sound vibration to tone and massage the upper body organs.

To relief insomnia, just stick your forefingers into each side of your ears to close up the outer world sounds. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale in a nice long hum. Until you are totally out of breath, repeat again.

Perform this preferably in a private space, for 10 rounds, and then feel the deep sense of calm descend.

Yoga is an Art and Science so deep that would take more than one lifetime to master! The more we learn the more we realise there is more to discover. However, one thing that is proven which we already know for sure – it works wonders for the human body.

(C) Linda Loo

“Yoga is the dance between the light and the dark within you. The light is what brings you back to the mat, and the darkness is what you uncover there. Don’t be afraid of this darkness; these are only shadows and though you’ll have to walk down some pretty dark alleys, remember you are grounded in the light, and that light will set you free.”
- Amy Jirsa

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