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5 Steps to having BOTH spiritual and material power

Gone are the days where we think we could only walk the spiritual path in seclusion; living inside caves or mountains. Thank goodness for great spiritual teachings, from the likes of Swami Muktananda, who taught us that life greatest learnings and fulfilment  come from balancing spiritualism and materialism; and not one at the expense of the other.

Anybody on the path will know that the value of your cultivation increases when you do it in the real material world. For example, setting up a business and using scripture teachings to run your business – this is many times tougher than living ascetically in the mountains.

To strike a balance between mind and heart in business is like walking on a tight rope. You have to be very aware, very alert and observant of your own thoughts, intentions, as well as  a bridge between divine guidance and urban dwelling.

1. Reflect at the end of everyday If you are not already doing so, try this on. Spend the last 10 minutes of your day, before you go to sleep, contemplating your day. Mentally go through the events, encounters, interactions, people that you met with. Observe with detail whether you are closer to your goals today than yesterday. Ponder on the things that caused emotions to arise, especially those that left you feeling lousy.

And ask yourself, “What actually happened, what are the facts, what did I do, or not do, to have created this; what is the impact, what did I learn, how can I be better tomorrow?” If there are emotions arising during this time, let it arise, feel it, then let it go. Emotions don’t last more than 10 minutes if we allow it to play out; but if we don’t, they can result in years of suppression, and affect our behaviour in undesirable ways that we blind to.

2. Move vigorously everyday! Find a way to perspire everyday – jogging, dancing, gardening, yoga whatever activity that you enjoy. Our favourite is dynamic Yoga with lots of salutations, movements and endurance. We literally turn into a tap (pouring sweat) during workouts, and afterwards you feel over the moon. Its so important to perspire regularly, not only the toxins are removed, but emotions that were lodged in our joints are released out. And it also regulates the fluid function (a second chakra activity) of our body,  restoring natural hormonal imbalances. Just make sure you drink enough clean filtered water to replenish fluid loss.

3. Live with your heart on your sleeves Not literally, but metaphorically. You know, this existence, this life that you and I have, this world that we have known for as long as we are alive, is but a pretty bubble. An illusion that Sutras call “Maya”. It is a stage of drama with you as the super star. Everything that matters is that relationship and dialogue you maintain with Divine, everything and everybody else is there for you to make use of. All for an ultimate objective – uniting with Divine. So, what is there to scheme, to lie, to fake? If you see anything not right, out of integrity, people bullying others, etc, and you know that your opinion makes an impact, then speak up. Do it with as much love and compassion as you can afford. Quit the falsities, but of course make sure you uphold integrity within yourself first. When you live this way, your thoughts, words and actions, how you are with yourself, how you are with others, will all snap into alignment. This is power in itself.

4. God wants you well This world exists for you to break free, and the resources of this world is given by Divine for your cultivation. It is not Divine’s plan for us to suffer, be in debt or broke, or be miserable prolongedly. Of course things happen, many of them could be unpleasant. The focal point is not for us to conclude that we are victims; but to know that whenever we are in great pain God is sending us a huge message. Buddha said “All life is suffering”; but he does not mean us to take his words in a literal sense.

All life is suffering, read it with the heart, feel it, feel its weight. And then enquire deeper, keep asking “Who am I?”, “Why am I here, in this life?”. And share the insights, share the process with others in your life. Stay with the enquiry process, no matter how young or old you are, because that is the most important essence of any spiritual path, the journey of enquiry. Which is I believe, one of the ways that Buddha meant for us to benefit from his Dharma.

5. Make use of Sound Invocation Mantras are ancient sound vibrations that are encoded with a consciousness beyond our intellectual understanding. When various syllabus are pronounced, specific parts of our brains are activated. Think of how many percent of the brain the average man uses – less than 10%. Even Albert Einstein, a Scientist considered to be of genius level, uses less than half his brain. Imagine who you can be when you can activate more parts of your brain to work for you? Think willpower, skills, talents, intelligence, speed of thinking – all of which can lead to greater material fulfilment.

Here is an ancient Mantra – called the Gayatri Mantra. When sang 3 times morning and night, it leads to higher Knowledge, Understanding and Truth :   Ohm Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Tatsa Vitu Vahrae Niyam Bhargo Devahsya Dyimayee Dhiyoyo Nah Pratcho Dhaya


(C) Linda Loo


3 Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipes to beat the haze!

We had been under a haze for the past one week, gone are the days of long hikes, walks and outdoor games. Man, even my dog is complaining!

But one of the fantastic thing about raw foodists is that we believe in using nutrition to make life work for us. So we found that by tweaking our usual smoothies, we can increase immunity, boost lung capacity, and speed up elimination rate. Read on to see 3 new immune boosting recipes that we are sharing with you!


Antioxidant Bomb

1 Cup Pineapple Cubes

1 Cup Watermelon Cubes

1 Cup Apple Cubes (Jazz or Rose apples)

2 Squirts Marine Phytoplankton

2 Cups Coconut Water


Blend all ingredients in a blender, pour out and enjoy!


Berry Fizzle

2 Cups Papaya Cubes

1 Cup Goji Berries (soaked in a little water for 30min)

1 Cup Fresh Blueberries

3 Tbs Inca Dried Berries

2 Capsules of Probiotic Powder

Blend all ingredients in a blender and enjoy immediately, or keep in a bottle in the fridge for the friendly bacteria to multiply. Stays good up to 3 days in the fridge.


Chocolate Popsicles

2 Cups Frozen Banana Chunks

1 Tbs Vitamineral Green Powder

2 Tbs Yacon Syrup

3 Tbs Raw Cacao Powder

1 Cup Chia Gel (1/2 cup dry seeds soaked in 1 cup water)

1/2 Cup Water

Blend all ingredients in a blender, pour into popsicle trays or ice cube trays, and freeze. This is so good on a hot summer day (It is summer all year round in Singapore!).



Short on time? Check out our Ultimate Health Pack for busy professionals like yourself who wants the punch without the fuss. Extra value, all super foods, easy to use, and so delicious!







3 Keys to having a Powerful Yoga Practice

Tapas – The Sanskrit word meaning fire, discipline and action. It refers to one’s attitude of pursuing goals, making things happen, striving for improvement and progress. Any Yogi or Yogini would know that it is impossible to progress on your practice without hard work and effort put in. For example, if you wish to master a specific advanced asana like Hanumansana (split), you need to set aside time to stretch the hamstrings, loosen the hips and strengthen the lower back.

Svadhyaya – ‘Sva’ means self, while ‘dhyaya’ means study. This is the Sanskrit word for self study. So many commercial studios that teach Yoga never even touch the importance of observing oneself’s conduct in their classes. This is in fact, one of the precepts under Niyama – which is one of the eight Limbs of Yoga.

Svadhyaya means to aways study and introspect ourself. During an Asana, where it is painful, and emotion is showing up – watch to see if the pain or tension is moving or easing off in any particular angle? Keep observing and studying, and then bring awareness to how we can improve this Asana the next time we do it.

Outside of Asana, it also means to maintain awareness of ourself, our thoughts, words and actions,  our impact on others. And then scrutinise them closely. Did we say something uncalled for today? Is there any area which we could have demonstrated more balance in our actions? These are all necessary in daily action including those times when we are not in a Yoga class.

Ishvara Pranidhana – This means to surrender to a higher Divine, or God. Besides the first 2 points highlighted, this is equally important in ensuring progress. Tapas MUST be balanced with Ishvara Pranidhana, and Svadhyaya is more effective when it is done in dialogue with God. As humans we cannot eradicate errors, but we can reduce, and eventually grow big enough to catch and avoid errors because we spot them before they have a chance to arise.

Ishvara Pranidhana includes the process of detaching from the outcomes. It does not mean we should adopt a sloppy careless attitude. We must still practice Tapas to move towards our goals and purposes, but after we done our best, then its time to let go and let God.

Ishvara Pranidhana is even more necessary for Yoga/Meditation and spiritual teachers.  There is an intelligence behind our existence and awareness, and the burden of the world does not fall on your shoulders.

(C) Linda Loo


Why is there no weight loss on raw foods in the beginning stages?

Besides dropping cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels and balancing hormones, weight loss is amongst one of the reasons that people use raw foods as a tool for.


However, people who expected dramatic weight loss during the initial months may be disappointed to find no change in the scales. Some may even feel demoralized when their weight actually increases in the first few weeks.

1. It takes some time for the body to heal:

First of all, dramatic weight loss usually only occur for people who had been very obese, and switching from a heavily refined and processed white flour based diet. If you had already had some information on healthy diets, and already started eating a small portion of fresh vegetable juices and some fresh fruits, then be prepared that the weight may not change immediately.


When you switch to a high raw diet, your intake naturally includes more fluids and fiber. This already contains some weight that adds on to the overall weight. This is actually good news; because most people are dehydrated and they don’t know it.


On top of becoming amply hydrated, your body now learns to store glucose (which is our best source of fuel) in the cells. And glucose also requires water to be stored. Therefore in the early stages, it is possible that a person experiences temporary weight gain – mostly from fluids.



2. The body takes time to heal and balance

Although the body now retains more fluids, it is actually no cause for alarm (as long as you skip the table salt, replace with a little sea salt or celery juice for potassium). You have to remember that the body is an immaculately designed machine that is capable to achieve balance and healing on its own.


In the first stages of raw foods, your body begins to collect the superior building materials from the raw foods you eat, and start work on moving your body towards homeostasis. We never know what is the most pressing problem in the body that needs attention. But the good news is – your body does!


So quietly, unknown to us usually, your body starts to heal the most serious problems internally, and it may most likely not be weight loss.

After 3 months of raw foods, you may want to check with your family doctor and do a blood test to track the progress of your body. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your blood sugar, hormones, and cholesterol may have normalized. That would be a huge cause for celebration even before actual weight loss happens.


Just remember that we had assaulted our bodies with junk foods and toxic substances (alcohol and cigarettes in my case) for many years. So don’t expect massive results to happen overnight. Healing will continue to occur for as long as we are alive, so don’t give up in the first few months just because the scales remained the same.


3. Detoxification:

If you had been eating refined starches and processed foods for many years, besides having an impaired mucous laden gut, you may also have a less efficient elimination system.


The body needs time for every healing process. We can’t rush it, but we can support the body with some practices:

-       Exercises, jogging, swimming, yoga or simply any body movements that bring about some perspiration

-       Doubling or tripling the amount of chia gel in your smoothies, or simply throw them into your drinking water bottle and drink throughout the day. Chia gel helps flush out bad cholesterol and unwanted fats

-       Coffee Enema is an excellent self administered, sustainable practice to support your liver for the massive detoxification process happening in your body now (check out RFLS for details.)



4. Your body will find homeostasis in its ideal weight

Eating raw foods is about allowing your body to operate at its maximum efficiency, and just like how we appreciate the innate intelligence, we have to trust that it knows what is the ideal weight to be healthy at. And this ideal weight that your body wants to be at, in order to do its job, is very different from what you see in the magazines and on TV.


Every person who used raw foods as a tool to heal have at some point of time, been amazed by the ability of our own bodies. Some lose weight immediately; some gained, some gained and then lost, some lost and then gained. But they all had something in common – diabetes/cancer reversed, skin cleared up, stamina better, ability to conceive, hormones balanced, tumors shrunk etc. So after some time, we realize that weight loss is merely the icing on the cake, not the whole cake.

Make your meditation twice as effective instantly, 


© Light Love Laughter


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5 things you need to know before investing in any raw food or health program

Health programs are dime and a dozen now, a far cry from what it used to be 7 years ago when I first began teaching raw foods in Singapore. From online websites, alternative diets teachers, health foods cafe, smoothies bars, fitness and exercise trainers, consumers are now spoilt for choice.

While I think it is great to see the blossoming of the health foods scene internationally, I think now is the best time to purposely intend for excellence, authenticity and integrity for the industry.

Before you spend your money on any health programs, workshops, products and services, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is it a quality program with clear, concise illustrations which are easy to follow?

What I discovered from all these years of teaching raw foods is this – it takes more effort to make something simpler. The ability to breakdown a complex theory into simple understandable parts is a characteristic of great trainers.

In health diets and raw foods, it is easier to make a recipe with 20 ingredients, and much more difficult to make a recipe with 3 ingredients while keeping it great tasting. If you want to learn it and live it as a lifestyle, and succeeding on it, look for programs and trainers that can demonstrate in easy to follow styles without compromising on tastes.


2)  Does the program you are taking covers lifestyle factors?

The truth is that diet only takes care of one part of the equation. You need supporting lifestyle practices – the cleansing, reconstruction of health tissues and organs, releasing of emotional junk, mental reconstitution towards strength etc for lasting transformation.

Health and wellness starts with the diet, but is more than that. Diet is never in isolation. So the programs and seminars that you take should not neglect this component either.


3) Does the program/course providers offer genuine support?

95% of all diets fail. That is a fact.

There are a number of reasons contributing to this high failure rate, one of which is community and social factors.

Human beings need to bond and connect with like minds. This is even more crucial when you are embracing changes in your lifestyle. Say for example you want very much to quit alcohol; you got to hunt for those people who successfully quit alcohol and remained alcohol free, and hang around them. This can make or break your new health goal.

A good health program offers authentic, caring support to their clients. Even after your learning experience with them, they continue to be there for you and walk with you until you are confident.


4) Who are the program/service providers?

Who are the people you are buying from? Are they people with integrity, living their talk and practicing ethical business? Or are they simply out to make a quick buck from you? A good way to tell would be to ask them “Do you and your loved ones patronise your company too?”

There are websites that paddle raw food programs, claiming to have a mission of spreading information for your health. But look at the side bars and banners – you see advertisements for plastic surgery, botox and other expensive invasive cosmetic surgery. Does that tell you something?

Well of course that could be a business strategy the that company chose, and there can be nothing wrong with anybody’s business strategy because they have a right to choose it. But if I’m buying something for myself and my loved ones, I would want to know what kind of people I am buying from, and what is important to them. Because they would be the one in business tomorrow.

The best program providers are people who set up the business to “bridge the gap”. That means they genuinely believe in a cause, they live their talk, and there was a lack for that program or service or product that they would want for themselves. That is a company I would buy from. Because I want them to stay in business tomorrow to serve me, my loved ones and serve the world.

5) Are they authentic and have integrity?

If a company do not fulfil criteria point number 4 above, they most often than not, fails this point too.

Authenticity & integrity begins with consistency in words and actions. Do they deliver what they promised? Are they aligned with their beliefs? Do they do what they say?

Better still, if you know their friends, ask them – do they keep their words to their friends? Because if they don’t, then you can be sure they will not keep their words with us as clients.

Like the famous saying – How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Whether you learn with us, or another health program provider, we hope this serves you in making you wiser in your choices, so that we can create a better world tomorrow :)

Linda Loo


What TV does to you!

The 3 hidden reasons why you fail in your raw foods journey (or any healthy diet change!

In my book Raw Becoming, I talked about how many friends and my dad told me that even though they knew raw foods worked for them, but they simply cannot persist. “When I’m not with you, I find it more difficult to resist the tempting smells in the hawker centers.” My dad said. “But once I eat that fried fritter, I could feel the mind slowing down and becoming sleepy.”

“Its so bloody difficult when I see people queuing up for donuts at shopping malls. It makes that look okay when a lot of people are doing it!”  Another friend shared dolefully.

Here are 3 hidden reasons why its more difficult than you thought:

1. You are watching too much TV or exposed to too much media

I did an experiment on myself the other day. I wanted to see what happens to my mind after 3 hours non-stop of TV and commercials.

After quitting TV for 3 years, I reintroduced it last year into my life for balance. The only TV programs I watch now are Saturday Night Live, Just for Laughs or Running Man. But I always disconnect from the TV during commercials. I would mute the TV and close my eyes, or stare at the trees out of the windows.

So I was really curious to find out.

After 2 hours I felt incredibly tired, sleepy and drained. I felt awareness fizzling out, like a computer glitch. At 2 hours 45 minutes, I caught a thought in my head “I wonder how that shrimp tastes like”.

It was as faint as a haze of PSI 30 after you breath in it for 2 days. In other words, it could almost go unnoticed.

We already knew that the media is a conditioning machine. But there is a huge difference in knowing that as head knowledge, compared to actually nabbing the thoughts in the butt, and becoming present to how our minds can be so easily programmed.

Here’s the result of 3 hours non stop TV: apart from lethargy, disinterest in life, and a resolve to do absolutely nothing, my mind was blank except for that last thought. Overall I feel like crap. It would not be wrong to say that I may actually consider if you offer me junk foods.

Images of handsome chefs in crisp white uniforms, romantic couples smiling at each other while juicy steaks are served, celebrities playing a game and describing how a dish tasted. Somehow, the images and sound effects made that seem right, normal, and horrors! – a way to happiness and love.

Which, by the way, is a load of bullshit I think. In all the blissful families I had encountered in real life, love and happiness comes with conscious effort, commitment and consistent self-awareness. Love does not happen because you share a mucous-forming trashy nutrient void meal at red/yellow coloured fast food chains.

If you are serious about making a change, do consider cutting out mindless TV watching entirely; or at least limit and select the programs you want to watch, eliminate the commercials.  I like how my god sister does it – “You can watch like an observer, as if it is just a passing illusion and not get drawn in.”


2. You are still hanging out with the ‘wrong’ people

We know how our minds trick us into thinking something must be correct when we see groups of people, people of authority and celebrities doing something. How about using this characteristic of the mind to make something work for us, instead of against us; to make us achieve rather than break our goals, for a change?

Want more discipline, positivity, integrity and humour? Hang out with people with resilient minds, an attitude of “can-do” or “can-be” and funny people who can joke without belittlement.  Want a combination of integrity and abundance? Hunt for the authentic and wealthy folks; find ways to get into their ambit. Offer to buy them lunch, attend their programs, or join their community. It will be well worth it.

You got to start hanging around the people whose characteristics you wish to have. I speak with conviction because if I hadn’t left my former circle of friends who smoked and partied like hell, I would still be smoking today. Not that there is anything wrong with people who smoked; but its just that I make choices to experience different things over the course of my life. It’s a little like “been there, done that; now what’s next” kind of mentality. And I sure want to act in alignment with my choices.

Before you mentally shoot me with the ‘there is no right or wrong’ belief that most people on a spiritual path subscribe to, more than once in their journey; hear me out on this:  I think this belief is a great tool to help us center ourselves at the appropriate moments. I believe this is a great tool to detach ourselves so that we can be calm and courageous enough the moment or the next day, to again play at a 100% towards living our passions, to serve the world. It is the Universe’s gift to help us, not a shield to hide behind so that we can fall short of our potential.

Like what a friend’s wise father says “There are many right perspectives in the world. But there is only one right way to do things.”


3. You don’t know what are your whys

I only knew the value of my health, vitality and energy, when I lost it, when I became sick. So the first 1 year on raw foods, my why was that I value my health. Within 3 months, emotional trash surfaced, and my why became I want to work on myself.

A year later, a deep desire to make peace with my parents surfaced. Raw foods was a key factor in saving my dad’s life, and it sure did supply me all the brutal clarity I needed to stop blaming my mother. My why became I want more love with my family.

Fast forward to the last 2 years, my journey became about me. About finding, forgiving, and loving myself. There is absolutely no way that I could have started this had it not been for raw foods.

The crystal clear, many times nauseating mirror of self-reflection, the clockwork-like precision of my reactions to people and events, most of all – my biggest fuck-ups. And the behavioural changes that had to ensue (impossible to not happen given the sickening reality of what I did to sabotage myself) would never ever be possible without raw foods. That became my new why – being an archeologist of my ruins.

You got to identify, and re-identify your whys. In the first place, did you write down your whys? Do you review, pray to God or meditate on your whys everyday?

Yes you want to be healthy, you want to reverse cancer and diabetes, or you want to make a lot of money helping people, but why?

If you don’t set a deeper why to that – why you want to live to see your daughter’s graduation, attend your grandson’s wedding, to release the anger towards your parents, to create more good in this world with money and influence, its going to get really rough!

You see, I am just about as much human as you are, and the other 6 billion people. So what if I am a certified yoga teacher or raw foods teacher or whatever. I have only as much resolve, as you can have with regard to any lifestyle change. If you can unmake these 3 hidden mistakes, you could really start to see some lasting changes for a change in years. I hope this can help not only health and diet but other areas of your life too.

Make your Will Power stronger with the right Meditation

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Seven things that most beginners don’t know about Coffee Enemas

Most people who are new to Coffee Enemas has one or more of the following internal conversations:


“It must be very painful to stick something up the ass.”

“Its going to be a hell of a mess!”

“Will it burst something in my stomach?”

“So scary; will I die?”

“I don’t drink coffee, I’m allergic.”


Fact 1: Nobody died before

Nobody has ever died from coffee enemas before. On the contrary, people have been saved from life threatening diseases using Coffee Enema therapy and high quality super foods. Many ancient tribes practiced Enemas as part of a healing regime (Egypt, Aztecs, Romans etc). For more info on Coffee Enemas and Healing Cancer, do a google search for Max Gerson and check out his Gerson’s therapy of healing cancer.


Fact 2: It is not painful

The toxicity and chronic constipation (both of which Coffee Enemas can help relief with astonishing efficacy) that most people suffer from definitely cause more pain. For those just starting out, make sure you learn the techniques from somebody who has live experience both as practitioner and teacher – that makes a whole world of difference on how smooth your virgin attempt will be.


Fact 3: It is better out than in!

If your toilet smells like the incinerator during your first month on Coffee Enemas, congratulations. That foul smelling junk which you purged could be the very junk that is cluttering your mind and stopping you from moving towards your goal. It is not a myth to say that your body is your temple. The cleaner your temple, the faster your prayers manifest.

After a few months the eliminate smells less foul, eventually becoming something similar to the poo of tortoises LOL.


Fact 4: It will not travel to your head.

Passing the coffee solution in will not break anything or cause any flow to go haywire. Our body is smart enough; there are inbuilt valves to control how food materials travel and how waste material travels. In fact if we eat and live in accordance to Nature we won’t even be sick in the first place.

So lay aside your fears that coffee solution will spill out of your gut and mouth – that happens only in nightmares.


Fact 5: It is not normal coffee

In the first place, please DO NOT use the conventional store bought coffee. Coffee Enema solutions are prepared with specially Gerson’s approved organic white coffee that has not been fried with butter and sugar. Another thing to note is that even if you are using coffee that has been marked “Gerson’s approved”, and you get heart palpitations, then its probably too strong for you, and you may want to switch to a different source.


Fact 6: It will not cause constipation

You will not get constipation due to Coffee Enemas. On the contrary, Coffee Enema detox will alleviate constipation because the crusted waste materials stuck to the colon walls will be reduced. Thus restoring the colon state and intestinal peristalsis movements.


Fact 7: Its one of the faster ways to gain more energy and look young

There are people whom, after going on juicing and raw foods, with the help of Coffee Enemas, look twenty years younger than they actually are. How much is that worth in terms of Botox and plastic surgery? (Not only in term of dollars, but also the pain and side effects of going under needles and knives).

This is because the liver is the most powerful organ we have. From breaking down and exporting toxins, storing vitamins to regulating hormones, cholesterol and blood manufacturing functions, it takes on almost every major biological function.  Once you make it happy, it eagerly performs for you by giving you a beautiful clean and strong body.

Extra tip: Helping your liver goes a long way

Coffee Enemas is a big first step to loving the liver. A high quality liver supplement will do wonders to enhance your Coffee Enema detox experience. Or if you want to save money, simply taking 2 TBS of virgin coconut oil 30 minutes before your Coffee Enema helps to strengthen the liver too.


© Copyright Linda Loo


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Getting more out of theTibetan Five Rites in Transformational Yoga

The Five Tibetan Rites are a set of 5 Yoga-like stretching movements done in a specific sequence. These movements are similar to the Yogic Sun Salutations of 12 Asanas done one after another. And is known to be a ‘short cut’ to achieving longevity, weight regulation, as well as youth.


Way before I took up Yoga seriously, I got to know the Tibetan Rites while searching online for various methods to increase stamina for running marathons. I was crazy about breaking my own running records; so much that I did some nasty damage to my knees and ankles. As promised, the Tibetan Rites helped me to increase my stamina pretty quickly. However I was also aching badly; which led me to discover Yoga Therapy. From then onwards I was intrigued with Yoga in the way it helped my body heal in astonishingly short periods of rest.


Fast forward 11 years to now, I rediscovered the Tibetan Rites in a new light. I found that when combined with the basic Transformational Basic sequence, it increased a person’s energy greatly. Sometimes to the extent that students have problem falling asleep if the class is done late at night. This effect is similar to practicing Sun Salutations in isolation.


In Transformational Yoga (TY), Sun Salutations is never done in isolation. In fact, no Asana is ever done in isolation. Every posture is inserted in a particular order for a purpose, either to counter the former for balance, or prepare the body for the next. And the entire lesson is choreographed towards a purpose of shift. And so when we do Sun Salutations in TY, there are at least 2 things we will include for sure: the Salutations are done with Bramaris in between rounds to align the core; and the Moon Salutations are always done after the Sun Salutations.


When it comes to the Five Tibetan Rites, the energising effect is stronger than that of Sun Salutations. What I observed is that headaches, aggression and frustration could result. For example, a person who has strong ‘yang’ energy will feel more energised with 7 Rites than 12 rounds of Sun Salutations. My guess is that the Rites has a first movement of spinning – which opens up our 7 chakras in an amazingly short time. Not much Pranayams are encouraged in between the Rites; most authorities or teachers advised to do a few long deep breaths in between. It is very likely that released toxins from Chakras remain in the orbit for some time.


Having observed that, my view is still that the Tibetan Rites are invaluable for people short on time for exercise. There are some mitigating practices we can incorporate, to make them work for us:

1) Practice the Five Rites with Kapalabati within the movements. Again this is the genius of TY (Swamiji Vidyananda). During each Rite, i.e. spinning, leg lift, back bend, hips thrust and downward swing, do a 3 to 5 (depending on your stamina) shots of Kapalabati.

2) On top of 3 deep breaths in between the Rites, add on 3 low pitched Bramaris. Low pitched Bramaris cleans our lower Chakras with sound. Bramaris release and transform the toxins out of our orbit.

3) Always finish with 1 set of Moon Salutations (i.e. 2 rounds) after each complete Five Rites.

4) A clever way to use the Five Rites is to integrate the TY Basic Sequence before the Rites. So it only takes about 10 minutes for the TY Basic, another 10 minutes for 7 repetitions of the Five Rites, 5 minutes for the Moon Salutations, and that is a total of 25 minutes which makes it an ultra time efficient body & mind workout.


© Copyright 2014 Linda Loo